Since 1969

Hotel Catamaran began in the late 1960s as a waypoint for the Charter business started by Louisa and Kevin Lucas, from the Río Dulce to the Keys of Belize.

In no time, travelers decided to spend more time enjoying all that the Río Dulce has to offer, demanding a quality place to enjoy the Río Dulce area.

Fifty years later, our island continues to be the premiere stop for travelers enjoying the Río Dulce as their final destination or for those on their way to other destinations on the Guatemalan Caribbean.

Dear Guest

Welcome to Catamaran Island Hotel & Marina, a tropical paradise in the Guatemalan Caribbean.

Our island, located between the great Lake Izabal and the Río Dulce Gorge, offers the best sunsets and views from your room’s balcony.

Depending on your preference, adventure tourism or simply relaxing under a palm tree, Hotel Catamaran is your place.

Our qualified personnel is at your service to help you with anything you need.

Don’t forget to order one of our famous Margaritas or Piña Coladas at our riverside bar.
Thank you for your preference and we hope you have an unforgettable stay.